In episode 52 of The OCD Stories podcast I interviewed YouTuber (Shalom Aleichem) and OCD blogger Katlyn Nicole on her journey of recovery from OCD. Kat was on the podcast exactly one year ago.

Katlyn Nicole

Due to a technical issue I lost the first half of the podcast. The second half that I still have contains a lot of good information. Kat is an intelligent young lady, she knows her stuff around OCD. We talked about talking openly about OCD, advocacy, how to explain to someone who doesn’t have OCD what OCD is. We talk about creativity and goals, and Kat shares her advice on how to live an amazing life. Enjoy!

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Show notes:

What Kat would do if there was a cure for OCD (4:21)

Why Kat talks openly about OCD (7:30)

How do you explain OCD to someone who doesn’t have it? (13:45)

What’s the bigger goal; doing what you want? Or overcoming OCD? (17:30)

Kat’s goals (19:40)

Kat’s youtube channel (26:40)

Kat’s advice for living an amazing life (35:10)

Find out more about Kat:

YouTube channel – Shalom Aleichem

Blog – Do An Exposure

Tumblr – Do An Exposure

Twitter – @Thekatway

Snapchat – @Thekatway

Kat’s OCD Story on The OCD Stories

Kat’s first episode on the podcast – Episode 3

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