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In episode 3 of The OCD Stories podcast I interviewed YouTuber (Shalom Aleichem) and OCD blogger Katlyn Nicole on her journey of recovery from OCD.

Katlyn Nicole

Kat is remarkable young women who is passionate about changing the lives of those with OCD. She does this through her YouTube channel and her blog. Kat has struggled with harm OCD, Scrupulosity and Sexual obsessions. She bravely talks about her recovery and shares some wonderful tips you can use to improve your mental health. I enjoyed speaking with Kat, I hope you enjoy it too!

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Show notes:

Kat’s OCD Story (1:50)

Mark Freeman’s air mattress effect (3:45)

Getting diagnosed (4:05)

Making intrusive thoughts worse (5:05)

Separating yourself from the thought (6:35)

Using script exposure for recovery (7:55)

Recording script exposure and playing it back (10:25)

How Pure O lead to other types of OCD? (12:00)

Struggling with Prayer (13:00)

Advice and strategies for praying without OCD (13:40)

Dealing with physical compulsions (15:00)

Using “Well, maybe it is” for acceptance (17:40)

Advice for opening up about sexual obsessions to your therapist (17:35)

How faith has helped recovery (22:35)

How the church has helped in recovery (25:10)

Opening up about OCD to inspire others (28:40)

Number 1 tip for beating OCD – “Accept your thoughts” (34:00)

Future plans (35:10)

Final words of wisdom (38:30)

What Kat would want written on a billboard for the world to see (40:55)

How to find out more about Kat (42:15)

Find out more about Kat:

YouTube channel – Shalom Aleichem

Blog – Do An Exposure

Tumblr – Do An Exposure

Twitter – @Thekatway

Snapchat – @Thekatway

Kat’s OCD Story on The OCD Stories

Resources mentioned: 

Mark Freeman on ACT and OCD recovery

Brene Brown Ted Talks on Vulnerability and Shame

To your success,
Stuart and The OCD Stories team

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  4. Hey I am trying to do the exposure therapy but sometimes my old thought gets worst by saying if u don’t go there this then for eg aids would happen to u or god , n then I am like how stupid, m going to do it..but somehow unfortunately the plan will get cancelled, which lead me to believe that since I thought this it’s because that this has happened..and my old triggers..can you please help..

    • Hi Isabelle, thanks for your comment. Good work on exposing yourself to your fears. Could you explain further I’m not quite sure what you mean? If you are worrying a lot, see it as a sign of OCD, and keep facing it where you can. As you start to overcome OCD it will try and trick you.

  5. Hi, thanks for replying.. i have harm ocd, major religious ocd, health ocd.. now for eg what happens is because of my ocd m not able to perform the daily chores of life..for eg if I know that going to my office and there is a certain route that we follow..but suddenly will come up with a brilliant idea that today if u happen to cross that route then suppose m scared having aids so it will say that either aids will happen you or for eg a loved one..if that not aggravating my anxiety then it will say that it will happen to if m doing the exposure exercise normally I would say ..Chuck it m still going to take that route..but somehow what happens is that maybe the driver took a different route in that case my ocd makes me believe since I thought that that is god does not want me to go through that route..n then again the my ocd aggravates..can u please help..

  6. So basically in the ocd makes me feel like since I had a bad thought about aids happening to for or me or gods loved one, if i cross that route..n even after trying to expose myself to it deliberately I fail to do so..because suddenly the driver decides to change the route..then I feel maybe it’s an indication from God that I should not think like this because of my thoughts the driver change the route..n it has not happened once but many times that I thought something bad before doing something n still I try to do it.but something or the other happens that I can’t do sometimes I feel maybe these thoughts have some meaning that is why something happens that stops me from doing it..

    • It sounds like the OCD is simply switching themes for a moment and making you feel bad about not taking the route because of elements outside of your control. Mine often starts to get worse as I become totally obsessed with eliminating my obsessions. What helps me is the realization that any conflict within, no matter how rational it seems, does not need to be engaged in. Try to simply accept what you’re feeling with no judgment. Observe the bad thoughts, do not patricipate in them, and let them eventually pass on their own.

  7. Hello there! I have extreme sexual scrupulousity ? i beat myself everyday.
    My parents wont ever allow me therapy or med can you help me …i NEED help.Im fed up of all these images flashing in mu eyes every fraction of second.

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