But he had everything to live for!

People do not choose mental health problems! They battle them!!!

Nobody could understand it.
They were all flabbergasted. Some bemused, some angry, some just shocked.
“Why on earth would he have a broken leg?” Someone exclaimed. “Especially when he had a really well paid job.”
“Why should he have diabetes?” Said another. “When he had such a pretty wife!”
“There’s just no need for him to have cancer.” When he has so many good friends!
“Self, self, self, such a loving family and he goes and gets MS.” “It’s just attention seeking!”
“It’s preposterous!” “Such a handsome fella, girls around him like bees around a honey pot.” “And he decides to get meningitis.”
“Why on earth would he choose that?”
“When he had everything to live for!!!”

Mental illness is not a choice!
It is not a lifestyle option!
It is as real, frightening and debilitating as any physical illness.
It knows no prejudice. Age, gender, ethnic origin, I.Q. physical appearance, economic bracket or sexual orientation.
People do not choose mental health problems!
They battle them!!!
Sometimes alone, sometimes with help.
The stigma and barrier to talking about and overcoming mental illnesses are being gradually broken down. But the war is not yet won!

Suffering from OCD since childhood, plus the anxiety and depression that tags along for the ride. I have personal experience of mental illness.
And in my 52 years I have seen giant strides in the tolerance, understanding and treatments for what is a blight on so many lives and society in general.
But there is still a long way to go!

I recently lost a good friend, who took his own life after being crippled by depression.
And so it is essential to keep talking about mental illness. Supporting charities and organisations such as Mind, Sane, OCD Action, Black Dog Tribe and many others who work tirelessly to help people and their families who are touched by mental illness.
It is only by doing this that we take away the power and mystique from mental illness.
And laid bare, mental illness is just a cowardly bully who picks on the vulnerable and who knows no pity.

Together we can defeat it!

Kind regards,


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