You have a choice. You do not need to let OCD stop you!

I interviewed best selling author Bob Burg on his OCD story, his improvement and his advice for how you can succeed despite OCD, not because of it.

Bob Burg

Bob is a remarkable guy. He has written 9 books including The Go-Giver which has sold over 500,000 copies. It is a parable about the power of giving and authenticity in business. It has had a profound impact on my life, so it was an honour to chat with Bob and hear his OCD Story. I hope you enjoy!

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Show notes:

  • Bob’s OCD story (2:20)
  • The types of therapy/medication Bob has done (7:30)
  • Bob’s advice on Exposure and Response Prevention therapy (ERP) (9:30)
  • Bob’s advice on therapy (11:40)
  • OCD Stigma (13:10)
  • Bob’s advice for business people with OCD (16:30)
  • How to get motivated in an OCD spike. Action precedes motivation (19:40)
  • Bob’s morning routine (22:18)
  • OCD and exercise (24:25)
  • What OCD has taught Bob (25:40)
  • Being happy despite OCD (30:30)
  • Success mindset vs fixed minset for recovery. The importance of personal development (31:30)
  • Bob’s one key piece of business advice (34:25)
  • Bob’s additional advice on dealing with OCD (36:00)
  • What Bob would want written on a billboard (37:00)

Find out more about Bob:


Bob’s OCD story in written format >>

To your success,
Stuart and The OCD Stories team

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