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Shmuel Fischler – Religious OCD, and Scrupulosity

In episode 186 of The OCD Stories podcast I interviewed Shmuel Fischler. Shmuel is the owner and lead clinician at CBT Baltimore.

Shmuel Fischler

In this episode I chat with Shmuel about his therapy story, what is religious themed OCD, what is scrupulously, common compulsions and obsessions with this theme, distinguishing between religious rituals and OCD rituals (compulsions), working with religious figures to support therapy, example exposures for religious OCD, the effectiveness of ERP, family involvement, words of hope, and much much more. Hope it helps.


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Alison Dotson – Being Me With OCD

In episode 54 of the podcast I interviewed Alison Dotson. Alison is an OCD advocate and author of the book “Being me with OCD: How I learned to obsess less and live my life”.

Alison Dotson

I enjoyed chatting with Alison. She does a lot for the OCD community, and she does it with a smile. Her book was enjoyable to read and if you haven’t checked it out, give it a go (links below). In this episode we talk about her OCD story which includes religious and sexual orientation OCD themes. Advice for seeking help, the keys to Alison’s recovery, using exposures in your everyday life, how having a support group can help and the ‘obsession in a box’ technique. Enjoy!

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Eric Kupers on Meditation, ERP, EMDR and OCD!

In episode 19 of The OCD Stories podcast I interviewed Eric Kupers. Eric is Associate Professor, at Cal State University East Bay, in the Department of Theatre. He is also Dance Co-Director, at the Dandelion Dance theater.

Eric Kupers

Eric bravely shares his story with us. His story offers a lot of great advice for any one in or hoping to start recovery from OCD. In the episode we discuss meditation and how this has helped Eric with his recovery from OCD. How OCD has made Eric learn how to be calm. We touch on EMDR, talking therapy, medication and hypnotherapy. We chat about that moment you tell your loved ones about OCD. Eric talks about how he uses dance and performance to express his journey with OCD. He shares the idea about not “fighting OCD” and instead see it as an ally. Enjoy…

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Glimpses of a life without OCD

My name is Eric Ray Kupers. I’m 44 years old and live in Oakland, California with my husband and our 3 dogs, Doodle, Bubbles, and Abe. I’ve had OCD since I was a child. And even though I have been in therapy with a steady stream of therapists for over 30 years, both my parents are therapists, and I’ve done extensive experimenting in countless personal growth modalities I wasn’t diagnosed with OCD until I was 19, and didn’t find out about Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) or Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) until my early 30’s.

The pain of OCD has at times felt unbearable, and I’ve tried just about every kind of therapy and spiritual practice I could find. And yet, through it all, I’ve managed to build a life that I love.  I’m in a deeply fulfilling long-term relationship, and am a dance/theater/music artist, a tenured professor of dance at Cal State University East Bay, the director of a professional, experimental performance company, and part of a community of soulful artists and loving friends & family.

OCD has been so deeply interwoven into my life and my sense of myself, that it seems I can’t really write my OCD story without writing my whole life story. I started working on my entry for The OCD Stories website, and am already on page 10, and not even out of my teens! So, I decided to share a summary of my OCD journey. I seem to have a lot to say, as now my summary has also gotten quite long.  My sense of this is that I’ve kept my OCD a shameful secret for so long, that as I start to share my story more publicly, it’s like a dam is breaking down and layers upon layers of experiences are flooding forth. So, please feel free to read or not read as much as you’d like. I’m going to continue writing the full story, and will make it available for anyone that’s interested, as soon as it gets a little farther along. Maybe it will become a whole book one day!

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Lily Bailey – Because We Are Bad: OCD & A Girl Lost In Thought

In episode 12 of The OCD Stories podcast I interviewed Lily Bailey. Lily is a writer and model. She is the author of the book Because we are bad: OCD and a girl lost in thought.

*At times in the podcast there are small burst of clicking noises. Just a recording issue our end, nothing wrong with your headphones 🙂

Lily Bailey UK

Photograph: Mauro Grigollo 

Lily has a fascinating story and was fun to chat with. We talked about different therapies, keeping lists, religious OCD and what the book is about. Lily is very relatable, I’m sure you’ll learn a lot from her story and the advice she gives in this podcast. Enjoy!!!

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Kat Nicole on beating, and learning to live after OCD

The good things in life are hard

In episode 3 of The OCD Stories podcast I interviewed YouTuber (Shalom Aleichem) and OCD blogger Katlyn Nicole on her journey of recovery from OCD.

Katlyn Nicole

Kat is remarkable young women who is passionate about changing the lives of those with OCD. She does this through her YouTube channel and her blog. Kat has struggled with harm OCD, Scrupulosity and Sexual obsessions. She bravely talks about her recovery and shares some wonderful tips you can use to improve your mental health. I enjoyed speaking with Kat, I hope you enjoy it too!

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Learning to live

There is a lot of advice I could tell people who have OCD, but the main two pieces of advice are; you are never alone and there is hope.

I merely existed until I was 16 years old. Life for me was a string of anxieties and avoidance, making it impossible to live the life I wanted. The worst bringer of these anxieties was Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

At 15 years old, my general anxiety was declining and my depression had disappeared. I was becoming who I wanted to be in life. Then life brought me something new.

Intrusive thoughts and images of harm raced through my head constantly. In an attempt to escape, I would mentally repeat phrases until the thoughts went away. That didn’t last long. I turned to pinching myself and banging my head against a wall, yelling and screaming. Anything to get the horrible images out of my head.

I thought I had schizophrenia, if anything. That was the only solution I had to the voices in my head. No one told me OCD was about intrusive thoughts! No one told me OCD was anything more than a cleaning disorder. Not knowing what these thoughts were, I didn’t tell anyone what was going on. I had so much guilt. I didn’t fear that I would act on the thoughts, but the guilt I had for thinking them was immense.

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Harm OCD, Religious OCD & Recovery From Them: Haley’s OCD Story

There are so many benefits of having OCD

Haley, has bravely shared her story in video format. We found it very inspiring and educational, we hope you do too.

In Haley’s story such topics and advice that come up:

  • Haley struggled with OCD since she was 5 years old
  • OCD affects Haley’s ability to write
  • Counting compulsions to stop harm obsessions
  • Religious OCD – compulsive and structured prayers
  • OCD has been dynamic for Haley. It changes guises.
  • Having a mother who suffered from OCD
  • The helpfulness of living in a household free of mental health stigma
  • The importance of getting help sooner
  • Through therapy and medication, Haley is considerably better and on the road to recovery
  • Haley is focused on breaking the patterns of OCD
  • Not relying on medication solely. To use medication if needed but still putting forth the necessary work in therapy.
  • There are silver linings to having suffered from OCD. Look for them.

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