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There are so many benefits of having OCD

Haley, has bravely shared her story in video format. We found it very inspiring and educational, we hope you do too.

In Haley’s story such topics and advice that come up:

  • Haley struggled with OCD since she was 5 years old
  • OCD affects Haley’s ability to write
  • Counting compulsions to stop harm obsessions
  • Religious OCD – compulsive and structured prayers
  • OCD has been dynamic for Haley. It changes guises.
  • Having a mother who suffered from OCD
  • The helpfulness of living in a household free of mental health stigma
  • The importance of getting help sooner
  • Through therapy and medication, Haley is considerably better and on the road to recovery
  • Haley is focused on breaking the patterns of OCD
  • Not relying on medication solely. To use medication if needed but still putting forth the necessary work in therapy.
  • There are silver linings to having suffered from OCD. Look for them.


I hope you found Haley’s story comforting, informative and inspiring.

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    • I really want to thank you for sharing your story. It really helps to know that I am not alone. At the age of 16, I began having intrusive thoughts about God. I always loved going to church, and I prayed, but after having one bad thought I felt like a bad & evil person. I never had a thought like that before so I was scared. “Christians can’t have these thoughts, their not suppose to” I thought. I then read about blasphemy in the bible, and how it is the unforgivable sin. I thought that I committed blasphemy. I thought I was going to Hell, and that I was never going to be forgiven, even though I would continuously pray for forgiveness. I would have intrusive thoughts in church, during prayer, or while reading scripture. I’ve struggled with shame and guilt. I thought Jesus was punishing me. I didn’t understand, and I just wanted things to go back to normal. I quickly realized that my life was never going to go back to “normal” I started googling about having bad thoughts about God, and I diagnosed myself with ocd because I had very similar symptoms. I was diagnosed with ocd and major depression by a doctor 3 years later. I took medication for a short period of time. I prayed countless times to Jesus to take the intrusive thoughts away, but they only grew worse. I tried very hard to not have those thoughts, but I was so focused on not thinking them that I actually did have those thoughts. I began having intrusive thoughts about friends and family, and people who touched my life in some way. I felt like if something bad happened to someone it would be my fault. If I would do, or say certain things than something bad would happen to me or friends/family. I am still learning more about Jesus.

        • Hi Crystal,

          I am also having similar symptoms (Negative, intrusive thoughts about God). It started about 2-3 months ago. I would describe myself as very kind, patient, loving, sensitive. I am 34 and married with 2 young kiddos.
          This might sound strange but I was going about my happy/normal life when I “felt” Jesus come to my heart- I felt such love and comfort. I started listening to Christian music and all was great! A few weeks after that, we found out my mom’s cancer had come back- stage 4 and my anxiety came back. Then, suddenly, I had negative thoughts about God, (I wasn’t angry at all with him but the words in my head suggested otherwise) and it was AWFUL- I thought I was doomed to hell and he would just take my soul and throw me away. I got very depressed, it lasted about 2 days- darkest time of my life. I prayed non stop and at work I would pray in my head, constantly asking for forgiveness. My anxiety has gone way down but I still suffer from the repetitive thoughts. It has been a hard few months– so strange too… but some good has come out of it- I started going to church and taking my husband and kids with me. My 5 year old talks about Jesus all the time now and new relationships have been started at the church- all this wouldn’t have happened unless this OCD happened to me. I pray about it all the time (in a more healthy way) I believe everything happens for a reason even if we don’t understand it. I have been living more selflessly and am going to start volunteering at the Rescue Mission and helping the homeless. I refuse to let this get in the way of my faith. I talk to Jesus daily ( I did not do that before..) and I pray for forgiveness and I ask that Jesus guide me through this. I have learned a lot about scripture and his love for us and what he expects of us. It’s actually been a huge learning experience- maybe that was the plan all along… I saw a therapist one time already ( I saw her a few years ago because of anxiety I had returning to work after I had my first baby) so I am glad she knew me before all this.. she told me that anxiety can wrap itself around anything. It’s helpful to know this is a “thing” and I am not crazy and that other people have suffered though it and there is hope.
          Feel free to contact me if you want too.

          • Hi Melissa, I can’t believe I am just seeing this. It is strange that how we can struggle & we want things to go back to normal. I really believe that maybe we go through pain because God is trying to change our hearts,& take us out of our everyday comfortable lives. I am so glad that you are volunteering & letting God & Jesus use you. God & Jesus has a plan & we may we are being punished, but maybe our faith is being tested. I hope your mom is doing well.

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