In episode 12 of The OCD Stories podcast I interviewed Lily Bailey. Lily is a writer and model. She is the author of the book Because we are bad: OCD and a girl lost in thought.

*At times in the podcast there are small burst of clicking noises. Just a recording issue our end, nothing wrong with your headphones 🙂

Lily Bailey UK

Photograph: Mauro Grigollo 

Lily has a fascinating story and was fun to chat with. We talked about different therapies, keeping lists, religious OCD and what the book is about. Lily is very relatable, I’m sure you’ll learn a lot from her story and the advice she gives in this podcast. Enjoy!!!

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Show notes:

Lily’s OCD story (1:25)

Lily’s experiential approach to treatment and CBT (3:10)

Psychotherapy (7:00)

ACT for OCD (9:00)

Advice for those struggling with ERP (14:00)

Lily’s OCD turning point (17:00)

Why Lily made lists (19:40)

Lily and religious OCD (22:00)

About the book Because we are bad (28:00)

Lily’s one piece of advice (31:20)

What Lily would have on her billboard (32:40)

Find out more about Lily:

Lily on Twitter – @LilyBaileyUK

Lily’s book: Because we are bad: OCD and A Girl Lost In Thought (

Resources mentioned:

Ashley on Twitter

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