In episode 19 of The OCD Stories podcast I interviewed Eric Kupers. Eric is Associate Professor, at Cal State University East Bay, in the Department of Theatre. He is also Dance Co-Director, at the Dandelion Dance theater.

Eric Kupers

Eric bravely shares his story with us. His story offers a lot of great advice for any one in or hoping to start recovery from OCD. In the episode we discuss meditation and how this has helped Eric with his recovery from OCD. How OCD has made Eric learn how to be calm. We touch on EMDR, talking therapy, medication and hypnotherapy. We chat about that moment you tell your loved ones about OCD. Eric talks about how he uses dance and performance¬†to express his journey with OCD. He shares the idea about not “fighting OCD” and instead see it as an ally. Enjoy…

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Show notes:

Eric’s OCD Story (3:10)

EMDR for OCD (14:30)

The label of OCD (17:00)

The impact of talking therapy on OCD (23:00)

How transcendental meditation helped Eric (30:00)

Telling partners about OCD (38:00)

The books that have helped Eric in his recovery (45:00)

Seeing OCD as an ally (53:00)

Eric’s advice of what to avoid in OCD recovery (54:10)

Eric’s one piece of advice (58:00)

Eric’s advice for living an amazing life (59:40)

What Eric will have on his billboard (1:03:00)

Find out more about Eric:

Eric’s website:¬†

Eric OCD Stories for The OCD Stories:

Glimpses of a life without OCD

Eric’s OCD story – version 2

Resources mentioned:

Be here now by Ram Daas (

Who dies? by Steven Lavine (

Brain Lock by Jeffrey Schwartz (

When’s things fall apart by Pema Chodron (

To your success,

Stuart and The OCD Stories team

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  2. I got a lot out of this podcast. Eric was humble and well spoken and had such good insights. I really liked his take on how meditation helps.

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