In episode 60 of the podcast I interviewed Liz AtkinLiz is an award winning visual artist and mental health advocate. She is known for her free 1 minute compulsive charcoal drawings. These drawings are inspired by and as a coping mechanism from compulsive skin picking, also known as dermatillomania.

Liz AtkinCharcoal Drawings

 I had a good chat with Liz about compulsive skin picking. She shared how she has transferred the energy of skin picking into art, how her drawings act as randoms acts of kindness for strangers. She talks about how art can be an conversation starter for both awareness of the condition and helping others who live with other conditions. Liz shares some tips for stopping skin picking, and offers some good advice for living an amazing live. Enjoy!

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Show notes:

Liz’s story (6:10)

Turning the energy of the urge to do a compulsion into something more constructive (19:00)

Tell us about your 1 minute sketches? (26:00)

We all have mental health (38:00)

You aren’t the only one (39:30)

Tips for tackling compulsive skin picking (43:30)

Liz’s Elevator advice (48:00)

Liz’s advice for living an amazing life (49:00)

What Liz would have on his billboard (52:00) 

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Twitter: @LizAtkin also use hashtag #CompulsiveCharcoal

Instagram: @Liz_Atkin

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The Londonist feature on my #CompulsiveCharcoal free art for commuters:


TLC Foundation – leading organisation for compulsive skin picking: / PDF on the disorder and treatments here >>

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