Adam Shaw – Pulling The Trigger (OCD Recovery)

OCD recovery is a marathon, so I am running the Brighton marathon (26 miles) – help me raise money for OCD UK here: JustGiving.com/theocdstories

In episode 61 of the podcast I interviewed Adam ShawAdam, along with Lauren Callaghan co-wrote the book “Pulling the trigger – OCD, Anxiety, panic attacks and related depression. A definitive survival and recovery approach”. Adam also founded the mental health charity The Shaw Mind Foundation.

Adam Shaw

 I had a good chat with Adam. We talk about suicide, why reassurance is a nasty drug, taking a punt on recovery, facing fears not fighting them and living a life beyond OCD. This is an inspiring talk, hope it helps. Enjoy!


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Show notes:

Adam’s story (3:50)

Getting help (7:00)

The pulling the trigger approach to OCD recovery (14:10)

Compassion in OCD recovery (26:00)

The Shaw Mind Foundation (29:20)

Adam’s advice for living an amazing life (35:00)

Find out more about Adam:

Website: ShawMindFoundation.org

Twitter: @Shaw_Mind

“Pulling the trigger” by Adam Shaw and Lauren Callaghan (Amazon.co.uk/Amazon.com)

Petition for getting mental health taught in school – Our national crusade for compulsory mental health education


OCD recovery is a marathon, so I am running the Brighton marathon (26 miles) – help me raise money for OCD UK here: JustGiving.com/theocdstories


Lauren Callaghan


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