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OCD Charities: OCD Action

In episode 72 I interview Olivia Bamber from the charity OCD Action. Olivia is the media and communications officer for the charity.

Olivia Bamber OCD Action

I had a good chat with Olivia. She shared her OCD story, and her experiences on the BBC documentary Extreme OCD Camp. We discussed the importance of putting effort into therapy, the services the charity offers: phone/email support, the buddy program etc. Olivia talked about fundraising for the charity and not letting OCD hold you back. Hope it helps!


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Adam Shaw – Pulling The Trigger (OCD Recovery)

In episode 61 of the podcast I interviewed Adam ShawAdam, along with Lauren Callaghan co-wrote the book “Pulling the trigger – OCD, Anxiety, panic attacks and related depression. A definitive survival and recovery approach”. Adam also founded the mental health charity The Shaw Mind Foundation.

Adam Shaw

 I had a good chat with Adam. We talk about suicide, why reassurance is a nasty drug, taking a punt on recovery, facing fears not fighting them and living a life beyond OCD. This is an inspiring talk, hope it helps. Enjoy!

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Jack Pridmore on the BBC Documentary Extreme OCD Camp, and Recovery

In episode 8 of The OCD Stories podcast I interviewed Jack Pridmore. Jack was in the 2013 BBC documentary ‘Extreme OCD Camp‘. Jack is now focusing on getting his degree, and raising awareness for OCD.

Jack Pridmore

Jack was a pleasure to talk with. He gave some behind the scenes stories of the documentary, as well as kindly sharing his OCD story before, during and after the documentary. Jack shared his thoughts on effective ERP, group therapy and general OCD advice. He blew my mind with his answer to the question “What would you say to some one who has OCD, but you only have 30 seconds to speak with them?”, his answer is testament to his caring character. He also shares his new charity initiative, check it out below. I think you’ll love this episode, let Jack and I know what you think.

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