In episode 112 I interviewed Lillie Fergus about her OCD story. This is the first episode in the new story series of the show. Where I will interview people with OCD monthly to share their story, and find out about their recovery. 


In this episode with Lillie we discuss her OCD story, OCD running in her family, existential obsessions, recovery – ERP therapy, how to stay motivated to do ERP homework, dealing with uncertainty, how meditation has been useful for Lillie, dealing with roadblocks in recovery, breaking down stigma, her advice for people starting their OCD recovery, dealing with anxiety, and why it’s important to keep learning in recovery. Enjoy! 

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Lillie’s written story – The illness that haunted my life

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  1. Very excited about this series! I love hearing your interviews with the experts, but hearing a sufferer’s story and their road to recovery was so inspirational. I am looking forward to many more interviews with people with OCD!

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