In episode 68 of the podcast I interviewed Shala Nicely. Shala is an anxiety disorders treatment specialist in Atlanta, co-founder of and co-author of the forthcoming book, “Everyday Mindfulness for OCD”. 

Shala Nicely

I got Shala on the show to answer some of your ERP questions. I asked the community what their ERP questions were. 36 people answered, with a collective 78 questions. This is part one in answering these questions. Enjoy!

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Questions ask:

What is ERP?

Is ERP different from CBT?

Why is ERP the best treatment for OCD?

Can you overcome OCD without doing ERP?

Please talk about the need to continue with exposures on a daily basis after you have gotten your OCD under control.

After having ERP with a professional, is it safe or suggested that I continue the same exposures on my own if I can’t afford continued care?

Can you start ERP yourself?

How long should it take to habituate to a fear if you are always exposing yourself to it?

What do you do if you don’t habituate?

What is the best way to deal with the severe anxiety one feels when trying ERP? How do I get through the crippling feelings?

What is the methodology or the building of a hierarchy for Pure O?

I have been doing ERP for several months but cannot stop the bad thoughts and doing compulsions?

When OCD has avoiding treatment as one of its compulsions, what is the best way to approach ERP cognitively?

What are the best ways for parents to support a child whose OCD has relapsed and is resisting her ERP techniques?

How do we address the fear of liking what happens in ERP?

What clues can we pick up on to help separate the good ERP therapists from the great?

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