In episode 229 I chat with Alegra Kastens. Alegra is an associate Marriage and family therapist specialising in the treatment of OCD and anxiety disorders. Alegra is also an OCD advocate, and a blogger on Psychology Today. 

In this episode we discuss her OCD story, why she became a therapist, Cognitive-Behavioural therapy, medication, pedophile themed OCD, how the OCD Gamechangers event inspired her to open up, acceptance of the disorder (OCD), the groinal response, intrusive thoughts, images, words and phrases. Alegra shares her advice for future OCD therapists who have OCD, we discuss 5 Roadblocks to acceptance in the treatment of OCD, dealing with shame, OCD advocacy, words of hope and much more. Hope it helps.

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Find out more about Alegra:

Instagram: @ObsessivelyEverAfter

Website –

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