In episode 29 of The OCD Stories podcast I talked with Catlin A. Palmer. Catlin graduated from Idaho State University with a Bachelors in Psychology and a Masters degree in Social Work. He is a life coach, focusing on transformation of the mind. Catlin also shared his story on our website earlier this year.

Catlin Palmer

In this episode I chat with Catlin about his OCD journey, specifically Pure O. He also talks about depression and social anxiety. Drug addiction has been a part of Catlin’s journey, we discuss this and how he is overcoming addiction. We discuss how education helps, medication for OCD, the importance of exercise, and why accepting yourself helps. Enjoy!

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Show notes:

Catlin’s OCD Story (3:40)

Uncertainty and doubt (11.40)

Where Catlin is in his recovery (13:50)

What therapies Catlin has done, medication, exercise and nature (17:00)

Anxiety and city living (22:30)

Drug addiction and overcoming it (25:00)

How mental health is perceive in native American culture (30:10)

Seeking help for mental health if you’re a native American (33:00)

What gives Catlin hope, and how to get it (36:00)

Acceptance and being enough (42:00)

The one thing people could start doing (51:00)

The one thing people shouldn’t do or stop doing (55:30)

Being a transformation expert (57:00)

The one thing Catlin would tell someone with Pure O (1:02:30)

Advice to live an amazing life (1:04:00)

What Catlin would have on his billboard (1:05:00)

Find out more about Catlin:

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Catlin’ social channels:

Instagram – Flowmentum_Movement

Twitter – FlowmentumMvmnt

Facebook – Flowmentumwithflowmaster

Resources mentioned:

When in doubt, make belief by Jeff Bell (

Jeff Bell and Shala Nicely on the podcast

To your success,
Stuart and The OCD Stories team

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