In episode 84 I interviewed Chrissie Hodges as a part two. You can find part one of the interview here – Chrissie Hodges Pure O (Part One). Chrissie is a Mental Health Advocate & Public Speaker, Peer Support Coach, Author of ‘Pure OCD: The Invisible Side of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder’. Chrissie was awarded the Hero award at the 24th IOCDF conference in San Fran and is a global ambassador for the Shaw Mind Foundation.

Chrissie Hodges

I had another fun and insightful chat with Chrissie. We discussed many topics including dealing with anger, dealing with people who say “I’m so OCD”, not taking on other peoples thoughts and self care. We also talked about peer support, processing guilt, speaking out about your theme, visualisation, finding what you enjoy, finding out who you are, medical and emotional recovery. Enjoy!

Recovery is fluid, recovery is possible” – Chrissie Hodges

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Show notes:

Dealing with anger (1:50)

How to not take on other people’s intrusive thoughts (and self-care) (11:45)

How to get peer support, or become a peer supporter (22:10)

The Shaw Mind Foundation (29:45)

The one thing people should stop doing (33:00)

The one thing people should start doing (36:45)

Using your suffering to understand and care for others (45:00)

What Chrissie would tell her 20 year old self (53:50)

The elevator question (59:20)

Advice for living an amazing life (1:04:00)

The billboard question (1:12:00)

Chrissie’s final thoughts (1:13:20)

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Part one of this interview – Chrissie Hodges Part 1


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  1. Thank you Stuart for THEOCDSTORIES podcast! I look forward to your podcasts and have shared with many. So very helpful and informative. Best to you and the good work you do!

  2. Thanks Stuart and Christie. Been listening in chunks. So helpful. All your posts are very encouraging but her story spoke to me a lot.. her length of time, severity, coping with the diagnosis part I thought was excellent as don’t hear much of and can cast a shadow even in recovery.
    I’ll post more another time but special thanks for this one. Liz

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