Beyond the doubt course – Jeff Bell and Shala Nicely

In episode 85 I interviewed Jeff Bell and Shala nicely about their online course Thriving with OCD: four keys out when locked in doubt.

Beyond The Doubt

I enjoyed my chat with Jeff and Shala as always. We talk about navigating life with OCD, the art of making belief, their triple A attitude: appreciaton, authenticity and abundance. We talked about mindset, being driven by purpose and service, and how surrendering can help in recovery. Enjoy!


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Show notes:

Thriving with OCD (2:20)

The antidote of doubt is belief (3:15)

The triple A attitude (5:00)

The greater good (8:45)

The concept of surrendering help in recovery (12:30)

Find out more about the Jeff and Shala:

25% off the course mentioned in this episode – Thriving with OCD: four keys out when locked in doubt

Beyond The Doubt – BeyondTheDoubt.com

Twitter: Jeff / Shala

Shala’s website – ShalaNicely.com

Jeff’s initiative – Adversity to Advocacy

Jeff’s books: Rewind, replay, repeat (Amazon.co.uk/Amazon.com) & When in doubt, make belief (Amazon.co.uk/Amazon.com)

Jeff on the podcast

Shala on the podcast

Jeff and Shala on the podcast


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