In episode 85 I interviewed Jeff Bell and Shala nicely about their online course Thriving with OCD: four keys out when locked in doubt.

Beyond The Doubt

I enjoyed my chat with Jeff and Shala as always. We talk about navigating life with OCD, the art of making belief, their triple A attitude: appreciaton, authenticity and abundance. We talked about mindset, being driven by purpose and service, and how surrendering can help in recovery. Enjoy!

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Show notes:

Thriving with OCD (2:20)

The antidote of doubt is belief (3:15)

The triple A attitude (5:00)

The greater good (8:45)

The concept of surrendering help in recovery (12:30)

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Comments (3)
  1. Hi Stu,

    I wanted to start this post by thanking you for the great work you do in spreading knowledge on OCD – Ive only recently found out I have OCD after a bit of a mental health breakdown, and have subsequently invested a lot of time to learn exactly what I’m going to have to fight against for the rest of my life, and your podcast has been my favourite source of material for doing just this! You host it really well, and employ the exact right balance between letting your guests talk and using your own considerable expertise to steer the conversation.

    In this episode, you mentioned that you were looking into training as a therapist, but it was generally a long and arduous process in the UK. However, you mentioned there might be a couple of shorter routes in – what are they, and did you end up exploring them in the end? Despite all the bad stuff it has done to me, I am really interested in OCD and its treatment, and feel as though this could be a future career path for myself, so just wanted to hear what options there were (apologies if you cover this elsewhere).



    • Hi Jacob,

      Thanks for your kind words – they are appreciated.

      I am training as a therapist now. I have taken a longer route because it suited me. If you want to become a CBT therapist you can do an IAPT program with the NHS or go through the CBT governing body:

      Ideally if you don’t have a core qualification i.e. a nurse, then you will need to do a level 1 course in CBT than a level 2 course in CBT.

      I would reach out to one of the universities that trains CBT therapists or does CBT courses such as Surrey Uni, and ask them about the ideal route.

      Hope that helps.

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