In episode 98 I interviewed Emily Byrnes. Emily is a teacher and poet. Her new book “A strangely wrapped gift” is a collection of poems including some on OCD and mental health.

Emily Byrnes

In this episode I chat with Emily about spreading awareness of OCD through writing, breaking down stigma, CBT (ERP), being persistent in seeking treatment, why finding a CBT therapist who understands OCD is important, investing your time into something positive, getting a support system, why name her book “a strangely wrapped gift”, and Emily explains the meaning behind 4 poems I picked out. Enjoy!

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Show notes:

Emily’s OCD story (1:45)

Getting a diagnosis (13:00)

What else has helped Emily in recovery (18:00)

Why the title “A strangely wrapped gift” (22:50)

Poem 1: “On anxiety” (28:40)

Poem 2: “On mental illness” (31:10)

Poem 3: “Breathe” (33:10)

Poem 4: “Asking the stars” (34:40)

The elevator question (35:50)

The billboard question (36:50)

The amazing life question (37:30)

Find out more about the Emily:

Instagram: @EmilyByrnes_

Facebook: EmilyByrnesPoetry

“A strangely wrapped gift” by Emily Byrnes (



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