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In episode 90 I interviewed Jon Hershfield and Shala Nicely. Jon Hershfield and Shala Nicely talked about their new book “Everyday mindfulness for OCD: Tips, Tricks, and Skills for Living Joyfully”.

Everyday mindfulness for OCD

In this episode I chat with Jon and Shala about mindfulness, meditation, the importance of self-compassion, a self-compassion coping statement, writing a new contract with OCD, the JOY acronym, the newspaper headline game, and silver linings. Enjoy!

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Show notes:

What is mindfulness (3:50)

Why do mindfulness everyday (5:50)

Meditating with OCD (7:00)

You deserve self-compassion, and how it helps with OCD recovery (15:20)

The musical exercise (22:20)

The self-compassion coping statement (25:00)

How the power pose can change your state (31:10)

JOY: Jump in, Opt for the greater good, Yield to uncertainty (37:10)

Writing a new contract with OCD (39:50)

The newspaper headline game (43:40)

Silver linings “better than normal” (50:10)

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“Everyday mindfulness for OCD” by Jon and Shala (


This episode is sponsored by the Anxiety and Stress Disorders Institute of Maryland. Providing evidence-informed treatment to the Baltimore area for over 25 years. Their multidisciplinary team of over 20 highly trained anxiety experts specialize in the treatment of OCD and OC-Related conditions as well as panic, agoraphobia, social anxiety, GAD and fear of flying for all ages. They collaborate with every client to create an individualized plan to get their life back from OCD and anxiety. Services include individual, group, and family therapy. To schedule a consultation please visit their website at


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