In episode 88 I interviewed Jon Hershfield. Jon is a pyschotherapist based in Maryland who specialises in the treatment of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. He is the author of three books “The mindfulness workbook for OCD” and “When a family member has OCD”. And the soon to be released “everyday mindfulness for OCD” which he co-wrote with Shala Nicely. This podcast is packed with tips and advice for the family members of those with OCD. 

Jon Hershfield

In this episode I chat with Jon about stigma within the family, the importance of remaining a family member, why it’s not your fault, the 4 I’s, reducing compulsions as a family, why it’s ok to help them relax and comfort them but not engage in the content of their obsessions, establishing contracts for when reducing compulsions, mindfulness and coping with frustration within the family. Enjoy!

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Show notes:

How Jon’s parents supported his recovery (4:45)

Dealing with stigma within the family (7:00)

“The golden rule for supporting a family member with OCD is to remain a family member” (9:30) 

The 3 things a family should know about their loved one with OCD (13:20)

The 4 I’s: Identity, Invite, Interrupt, Integrate (18:10)

When should I accommodate my loved ones OCD, and when should I not? (26:20)

How and when to interrupt your family members OCD cycle (34:30)

Jon’s meditation practice (38:50)

3 OCD books worth reading (44:00)

“Pain is a product of resistance” – mindfulness exercises as a family (48:00)

Advice for the family member for dealing with uncertainty (52:00)

How to cope with frustration within the family because of OCD (1:03:30)

Potential signs of OCD in young children (1:08:10)

Having that tough discussion about OCD to your family (1:11:10)

Find out more about the Jon:

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Jon on Twitter – @CBTOCD

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“Everyday mindfulness for OCD” (

Jon’s first episode on The OCD Stories


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“Freedom from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder” by Jonathan Grayson

“Imp of the mind” by Lee Baer

“Rewind, replay, repeat” by Jeff Bell

Intro music by Eddie Jenkins (Instagram: @eddiekeyz)



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