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In episode 81 I did my first face to face interview. UNSTUCK is a documentary about childhood OCD, with the unique angle of the kids as the experts. Kelly Anderson and Chris Baier started this project two years ago to shed some much needed light on how OCD affects children, and how they can recover. In this episode I chat with Chris, and his two daughters Vanessa and Charlotte.


I was touched by the bravery and intelligence of these two girls, and by Chris’ dedication to the advocacy of recovery from childhood OCD. We talk about the inspirations behind the documentary, the importance of showing a child’s hope not their desperation in the film, advice for parents to help their kids, advice to kids doing ERP, and advice on how siblings can help their brothers or sisters in recovery. Enjoy!

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Show notes:


The documentary (5:00)

The initial inspiration for the documentary (8:10)

What Chris has learned about OCD since making the film? (9:30)

What’s the key thing young people need to know about OCD? (12:50)

“A family that fights OCD together, beats OCD together” this quote explained (13:40)

How siblings can work together to overcome OCD (15:00)

Chris’ advice for parents (16:00)

How people can find out about the documentary (16:35)


Making the documentary (17:30)

How Charlotte helped her sister in recovery (17:50)

How a kitten helped with an exposure (19:00)

What Charlotte has learned about OCD (20:25)

Advice to siblings on how they can help their brother or sister in recovery (21:10)


Making the documentary (22:00)

Advice for other kids starting ERP (22:35)

Advice for parents on how they can help their kids (24:10)

Fighting OCD and getting through it  (25:30)

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Chris and Kelly on the podcast last year


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