In episode 168 of The OCD Stories podcast I interview Karina Dach. Karina is a licensed therapist in Colorado, and Florida.

In this episode I chat with Karina about her therapy story, how she applies exposure therapy in her own life, advice for someone starting ERP, staying consistent with exposure therapy after therapy, dealing with difficult emotions, acknowledging your progress, living with uncertainty, creative exposure exercises, what is parent training, support groups, being in nature, and much much more. Hope it helps.  

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  1. Your podcasts have been so very important for me, the isolation and fear that came with diagnosis were devastating and having the connection through your podcasts so very therapeutic, acceptance has been profoundly metamorphic for me and part of my ERP continuation is to listen to these podcasts every week, just as Karina talked about staying consistent post-therapy. Thanks for helping to make my life a better place. #YouLegend

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