Dr Guy Doron on ROCD and the ROCD App

In episode 27 of The OCD Stories podcast I interviewed Dr Guy Doron. I first interviewed Guy in January for episode 5. Guy is one of the leading researchers in relationship OCD (rOCD), and along with his team he his uncovering important information about this subtype of OCD. He has recently co-created an app for ROCD recovery. (links to download it below). This episode offers general OCD advice, so don’t worry if you don’t suffer with ROCD. OCD is OCD.

ROCD researcher Guy Doron

In this episode Guy explains the how the belief in change is important to achieve change, if we associate self with positive statements we adopt them, and seeking other potential alternative partners even only for comparison may make ROCD worse. We discuss what suffers have in common, relationship OCD beyond romantic, relationships including relationships to parents and God. He shares some great advice for life – letting experiences come in without too much analysis – to experience and be curious. Enjoy!


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Show notes:

What questions have been asked at Guy’s talks (3:40)

Why is ROCD, OCD? (5:00)

The thought process behind the ROCD app (8:00)

Why long distance relationships can affect ROCD (17:00)

What ROCD sufferers have in common (20:10)

What Guy may research next (24:10)

Guy’s advice for living a good life (28:00)

Find out more about Dr Steven Hayes:

Guy’s site – ROCD.net

Guy’s first interview on the show – episode 5

GGRO: Relationship Doubt and Obsession app (ROCD) by Guy Doron and Gur Ilany:

Apple (iTunes): Download

Android (Google Play): Download

Resources mentioned:

Dr Danny Derby – www.dr-derby.com

To your success,
Stuart and The OCD Stories team

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