Mark Freeman on his recovery from OCD, and how you can beat it!

Anxiety and depression are like smoke alarms going off in your brain. You don’t have an alarm problem. You have a fire problem. Quit worrying about the alarms. Put out the fire.

I interviewed Mark Freeman on his OCD story, his recovery and his advice for your recovery too. Mark is an OCD/mental health author, and YouTuber.

Mark Freeman

I have known Mark for a while now. He has a fascinating story. He is recovery focused and encourages his clients to have the same mindset. Mark was a strong catalyst in my recovery from OCD. He continues to inspire me, I hope you find him, and our talk helpful!


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Show notes:

  • Mark’s OCD story (2:49)
  • Depression and sex addiction (3:10)
  • Finding out he had OCD (4:38)
  • University research therapy program (4:45)
  • OCD recovery is possible (6:35)
  • OCD communities to negative. Focused on management of OCD not recovery (6:55)
  • Mark’s experience with Exposure and response prevention therapy (ERP) (9:10)
  • The air mattress affect (11:30)
  • A mindset for succeeding with ERP(12:15)
  • Mark’s book The Acceptance Field Guide and stumbling on acceptance (15:15)
  • We are not rocks – Mark’s concept (17:30)
  • What is ACT (Acceptance and commitment therapy) and how can you do it? (16:45)
  • How do you accept difficult thoughts? Living with uncertainty (20:10)
  • Learning to suffer (because you suffer much less) (22:35)
  • The importance of a recovery focused mindset (26:10)
  • What else Mark did to recover beyond traditional methods (31:30)
  • How cooking helped Mark in his recovery (37:30)
  • Mark on meditation (43:40)
  • Mark on the site and concept Everybody has a brain (49:30)
  • Mental Fitness 101 online course (51:20)
  • Mark’s new book “You’re not a rock” (54:50)
  • Mark interviews me about what helped me recover (59:05)
  • The importance of understanding death (1:04:40)
  • Taking care of mental health is an on-going process (1:06:00)
  • What Mark would want on a billboard for all to see (1:07:10)

Find out more about Mark:


Mark Freeman Illustration

To your success,
Stuart and The OCD Stories team

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