In episode 25 of The OCD Stories podcast I interviewed Andy. Andy is an artist, photographer and the illustrator behind the popular OCD Instagram account OCD Maestro.

I chat with Andy about how OCD revolves around numbers and the obsession of death for him. We discuss what is helping him in his recovery, how drawing helps him, the importance of community, exercise and his Instagram page. Enjoy…

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Show notes:

Andy’s OCD story (2:00)

OCD isolation vs community (12:00)

Why Andy started OCD Maestro Instagram page (14:00)

When Andy’s found out he had OCD (16:30)

How drawing helps with OCD recovery (18:30)

When to draw (23:00)

How connecting with others who have OCD can be good for recovery (26:00)

The importance of allowing yourself to unwind and relax (31:00)

The roadblocks Andreas had to get over to draw and take photos (32:00)

OCD and relationships (41:30)

Relapses (44:00)

Types of therapy Andreas has done (47:00)

Parenting and OCD (50:00)

Exercise as part of OCD recovery (1:00:00)

Andy’s one key piece of advice (1:05:00)

Andy’s advice for living an amazing life (1:07:30)

What Andy would have on his billboard (1:10:00)

Find out more about Andreas:

Andy on Instagram – @OCDMaestro

Resources mentioned:

Andy’s article on Every Body Has A Brain

Katie d’Ath’s podcast

Mark Freeman’s podcast

Stigma episode

To your success,

Stuart and The OCD Stories team

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