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In episode 26 of The OCD Stories podcast I interviewed Ed Renshaw. Ed first wrote his OCD story for the website in 2015. I’ve since got to know Ed well, and wanted to get him on the show to share his journey and inspiration with you.

Ed Renshaw

In this episode I chat with Ed about his OCD journey, his relapse and what is helping him in recovery, including therapy, medication, playing the violin and writing. We go into some deep topics around stigma, getting the help you need and positive distractions. Enjoy…

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Show notes:

Ed’s OCD story (2:10)

Why OCD is a tough competitor (8:00)

Not always needing to understand and figure it out (14:00)

How to find out what is OCD and what isn’t? (14:50)

Letting the OCD episode pass to find the truth (17:30)

Religion, buddhism and meditation (27:00)

OCD treatment (32:00)

Moderation (40:00)

Positive distraction (43:00)

Using OCD to make a difference (50:00)

“Obsessive Cat Disorder” and “I’m so OCD” (53:00)

Demand to get the help you need (59:00)

Medication for OCD (1:12:00)

Ed’s advice for living an amazing life (1:19:00)

What Ed’s would have on his billboard (1:29:00)

Find out more about Ed:

Ed’s OCD Story – OCD is not a disease that bothers, it is a disease that tortures

Ed’s debut novel – Under the acacia tree (

Resources mentioned:

Ed’s story in episode 23 of the podcast

Dr Fred Penzel podcast episode

Dr Fred Penzel’s 10 things you need to know to overcome OCD

Dr Chad LeJeune podcast episode

Exercise for mood and anxiety by Michael Otto and Jasper Smits (

To your success,

Stuart and The OCD Stories team

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