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I now embrace uncertainty

I’ve been battling with OCD for as long as I can remember, though now it’s not nearly as bad as it once was.. I’m 21 years of age.. Have been on and off medication as an early teen…. Some of the compulsions I struggled with include, stove top, door locks, lights, driving a certain way, being obsessively aware of my breathing 24/7, intrusive thoughts (pure o), that’s just to name a few.. These compulsions seemed to be ruling my life at the time I was about 18 and finishing school, I always had rational reasons for acting out the compulsions the way I did… All the things I did value in my life became to much and I lost interest in all my hobbies, sport, socialising, reading..

This went on until half way through being 20, when I found some interesting videos Mark Freeman put out on his YouTube channel, basically the opposite to what your taught at therapy.. ERP and ACT, this literally saved my life and my relationship with my partner as well as killing off those horrible OCD monsters in certain areas of my life.. Since applying ACT and ERP I cut out all my physical compulsions. I no longer check the stove or door locks and I no longer question my relationship or seek reassurance from my partner… Applying ERP and ACT are not easy and may be some of the hardest things you do in life but as you practise it and get better at it you show your brain it’s okay to feel whatever your feeling..

Now I’m in a much happier place in my life, I’m working, I’m playing sport, I’m in a healthy relationship. I’ve made some significant changes in the last year… I still struggle with the (pure o) side of things at times but I’ve come out on top more often then not… I now embrace uncertainty and anxiety and practise mindfulness daily.. Recovery is possible and to everyone out there remember this quote ‘those who learn to suffer actually suffer much less’ so put yourself out there, agree with your brain and do healthy things that align with your values.

Some of the books I recommend are:

Happiness trap by Russ Harris
Reality slap  by Russ Harris
Peace is every step by Thich Nhat Hanh
Mark Freemans ACT book – Free copy here >