Jonny Say – OCD, Mindfulness and Compassion

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In episode 158 of The OCD Stories podcast I interviewed Jonny Say. Jonny is a mindfulness teacher and has been practicing mindfulness and meditation for over 17 years. He is currently training as a psychotherapist. Jonny also has lived experience with OCD.

In this episode I chat with Jonny about his OCD story, lifestyle changes, committing to ERP, the positive psychology principle savouring, being mindful with uncomfortable thoughts and feelings, mindfulness ideas and mindful nature walks. Hope it helps. 


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Find out more about Jonny:

Jonny’s website: TheMindfulnessCircle.com

Instagram: @MindulnessCircle

Acceptance spectrum: http://themindfulnesscircle.com/blog/acceptance-spectrum/

Gratitude Walk: http://themindfulnesscircle.com/blog/take-walk-grateful-side-gratitude-walk/

TLC: http://themindfulnesscircle.com/blog/getting-five-day-tlc/T


Rob Willson

Paul Gilbert

Kristen Neff

David Veale

Mark Freeman

Fred Penzel – the article Jonny mentioned on the podcast “Both ends against the middle”

Jon Hershfield and his book “The mindfulness workbook for OCD” and article “How to respond to unwanted thoughts”

Jon Kabat Zinn

Jon Hershfield and Shala Nicely

The OCD Stories book >>

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