In episode 224 of The OCD Stories podcast I interviewed Chrissie Hodges. Chrissie is a Mental Health Advocate & Public Speaker, Peer Support Coach, Author of ‘Pure OCD: The Invisible Side of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder’. Chrissie was awarded the hero award at the 24th IOCDF conference in San Fran.

Chrissie Hodges

In this episode I chat with Chrissie about why this topic of trauma from OCD is important, Chrissie’s story, owning our stories, the moment OCD showed up, honouring the pain from the specific OCD theme, internalised stigma, how certified peer support helped Chrissie, how community helped Chrissie, words of hope, and much much more. Hope it helps. 

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  1. Awesome podcast! Describes me to a T. My OCD is as a result of trauma though the trauma brought up lots of ugly childhood memories that I thought I had packed away. This then led me to do things that I am not particularly proud of but which I can’t let go of….thus I now have Real Event Ocd which is brutal. I am in trauma therapy and am on the waiting list to meet with an Ocd specialist. I am in my 60’s…every day is a struggle. I grieve for the life I once had..,and as you said my life has been hijacked by this disease.
    I wish I could meet more people with Real Event OCD. Thank you.

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