In episode 46 of The OCD Stories podcast I was interviewed by Chetna of The East Bay Behavior Therapy Center. Chetna asked me some great questions about recovery, OCD, what the behind the scenes of The OCD Stories looks like and motivation.

East Bay Behavior Therapy Center

Correction: In the episode I talk about becoming a CBT therapist in the UK. I was not completely accurate. You can become a CBT therapist without becoming a councellor first – check out the BABCP website. 

Chetna asked me about many topics, including what a day in life of me looks like, motivation in OCD recovery, rOCD advice, telling a partner about OCD, meditation, what motivates me, service to others, detaching from work for positive mental health and cure or recovery. Enjoy.

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Show notes:

My average day (3:40)

My university course (5:20)

When I told my partner about Relationship OCD (6:50)

Meditation and mindfulness (10:30)

What the future holds (12:30)

Who I was the most nervous to interview (15:00)

Is service a part of my passion? (17:00)

Messages from listeners (19:30)

Do I get tired of talking about OCD? (20:40)

The importance of community (25:30)

Cure or recovery? (27:30)

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This podcast is also brought to you by nOCD. Download the app for free:

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  1. Great show do u no anyone with ocd about asbestos if so can u give them my email and how they beat it stu I’m having treatment with Dr fred penzel boy he’s clever man great guy.

    • Hi Sam, I’ve heard many people with that worry. If you are seeing Dr Penzel, I recommend asking him as he is a brilliant therapist and will be able to help.

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