Shala Nicely – Is Fred in the Refrigerator?: Taming OCD and Reclaiming My Life

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In episode 122 of The OCD Stories podcast I chatted with Shala Nicely. Shala is an anxiety disorders treatment specialist in Atlanta, co-founder of beyondthedoubt.com, co-author of , “Everyday Mindfulness for OCD” and author of the forthcoming book “is Fred in the refridgerator?: Taming OCD and reclaiming my life”.

Is Fred In The Refridgerator

In this episode I chatted with Shala about her new book, why OCD keeps people quiet about opening up, advice for those seeking treatment, living with uncertainty, self-compassion, not judging things as good or bad, and Shala’s hardest roadblock in becoming a therapist. Hope it helps. 


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Find out more about Shala:

Shala’s website – ShalaNicely.com

“Is Fred in the refrigerator?” (Amazon)


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